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zizziology.com is the blogsite of phantasy author Zizzi Bonah – her blog categories include:

  • Authorland – from Zizzi’s imagination to publication
  • Sheros – celebrating female heroines in fiction & real-life
  • Roguettes – for those with roguish tendancies
  • What I’m Reading – Zizzi shares her love of reading
  • Miss-Cellany – Miss This, That & The-Other…
  • New Girl on the Writers’ Block – Zizzi names a different inspiration each time

If you love books – love phantasy fiction – Zizzi would be made-up to hear from you – share the story …

Biography – Zizzi Bonah

Zizzi Bonah is a 5ft 3″ lass born of Yorkshire parents. She spent 7 dedicated years busking her self-penned songs on Bridlington, Scarborough and York streets, to gigging pubs/clubs in and around the North of England, gaining airplay on BBC Radio York and Humberside using her birth name, Ida Barker

Ida Barker performing at The Boardwalk Sheffield 2008

Ida Barker performing at The Boardwalk Sheffield 2008, picture taken by Ian Parker

A change is as good as a reply (a line taken from one of Ida’s eclectic-electric songs) with this in mind she chose a new direction – to become an author

In memory to her late grandparents, Ida (maiden name Bona) and Tommy Bateman-Hullah who farmed within Nidderdale, the author’s nom de plume came about – merging Bona and Hullah into Bonah

Where Ida Barker's grandparents farmed: Hole Bottom Farms, Dacre, Harrogate

Authors to write home about

In 2016 mother and daughter – Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker (pseudonym Zizzi Bonah) – set up in partnership a book publishing business called, She And The Cat’s Mother

All in-house – complete format: writing, editing, proof reading, formatting paperbacks and eBooks to raising profile on social media – the only task they have not done is the printing. The acid test is getting their books into the highway of readers’ minds. They are authorpreneurs!

family pictures of Ida Barker with her mam, dad and Moggy the cat in the 1980s

Introducing Zizzi’s phantasy fiction

For a piece of pure escapism, Zizzi’s debut novel aims to take you to the curb in the sky …

A book to set your sights on - #Entrangement by Zizzi Bonah

#ENTRANGEMENT: WHERE COLOURS DON’T BLEED “He saved her life, only she can save his death!” Salt Delray is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of her lover – through a mysterious aide she discovers he isn’t dead; he’s in limbo! She must escape and enter a hidden underworld to reunite with him, and together battledore against a very different, terrifying reality

For readers with roguish tendencies, Zizzi’s #GirlRogues aim to bring out the braggadocio in you …

A book to get your teeth into - #GirlRogues by Zizzi Bonah

#GIRLROGUES: BRAGGADOCIO “They’re dangerous to love, more dangerous to ignore – which girl are you?” Zizzi Bonah’s collection of short stories and verses are for those with minds as broad as braggadocio, and nerves hard enough to rival a diamond from the first water

A story for children of all ages [6 – 106 years old]

“It certainly looks to be full of beans” Quentin Letts, Daily Mail praise for Zizzi’s, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass: A Musical Vaudeville Stage Play, adapted from Zizzi’s original novel

Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass banner by Zizzi Bonah

==> Hear CHAPTER 01 (unabridged from novel) author & narrator Zizzi Bonah – MP3 file below:


ALICE RETURNS THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS and falls into her own story while seeking the answer to Looking-glass question; much to the rage of infamous book reviewer, Paige Turner who threatens to jeopardise Alice’s writing career in Authorland – (all characters created by Zizzi Bonah, with exception to Alice who was created by Lewis Carroll). VISIT AliceReturnsTheMusical.com

MP3 musical audiobook – 12 chapters – 7 songs

listen for free poster of musical audiobook: Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass by Zizzi Bonah

==> Listen to complete musical audiobook for free here

For a piece of splendid indiscretion, Zizzi’s picture book aims to make you exclaim #HearHeard! …

The Bear Who Used Up All His Growls (book out now)

THE BEAR WHO USED UP ALL HIS GROWLS: When the letter O drops clean out of Bear’s growl, Bear falls topsy-turvy into the County of Vowels, where he meets Purdy the cat and learns some tidy manners – but will Justice Nincompoop grant Bear a new licence of O’s to reinstate his fearless growl? (ILLUSTRATIONS by Gwen Hullah)

Zizzi’s stories are rather like curry kisses; they’re repeatable …

Zizzi Bonah is well qualified to adapted her original story: Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass, into A Musical Vaudeville Screenplay and also Stage Play (paperback/ebook) since her own career as a singer/songwriter/guitarist (using her birth name Ida Barker – Musician Union number: 484603) has included busking outside the music convention In The City Manchester 2005, Blur’s drummer Dave skirted by at an alarming pace, as did Beyonce’s dad/manager several times. Jamelia’s manager blanked her. While the late Tony Wilson did a U-turn and conversed – well, he said “Hello”.

Zizzi Bonah is published by She And The Cat’s Mother, all releases available from amazon

(Insert sound of Zizzi typing her recent blog) …

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