Phantasy fiction – 3 points – from writer’s imagination to publication

More often than not the advice to budding writers is to write what they know. But there are exceptions to this rule – and none more than when writing phantasy.

Engage from the get go of your story



  • POINT 1 – kick start your story with something phantastical – don’t wait until the end of first chapter to engage the reader

Be consistent with the rules you choose to write




  • POINT 2 – the writer makes the rules, but take care not to break the rules you put in place. If you have created a structure by which your characters live by, such as they can’t pronounce the letter R because it was stolen, don’t then change this rule half-way through the story by having them speak perfect English.

Extract – #GirlRogues Braggadocio, verse “Alphabet Thief”

WANTED: A cwiminal stole a piece of the alphabet: that which follows Q but pwecedes S.


The suspect was seen escaping on wollah-skates passed the “Wagon ‘n Hose” as fah as one day gone by.


A witness who wishes to wemain nameless said the culpwit was: “Not wed, but wudely wouge, with wosey cheeks and winkled ankle boots.” Adding: “She was equipped with a wolling-pin and skillfully disagweeable.”


The imminent wace is on to find the stolen alphabet epistle in the hope of stopping the wobba wunning a mock of the witten language.


If you have any news of the wogue in question, please contact the authowities on: twiple-thwee-twiple-eight.


Please note it is an offence to supply a false statement.


Penalty: a wun wound the woundabouts with Wobbie Willis.

3 – Remember characters should reveal themselves like people do



  • POINT 3 – what motivates baddies to be the way they are? Not all have complex issues, maybe it’s just because they can. Nevertheless, there is a reason. Your characters should reveal themselves like people do through APPEARANCE, VOICE, MANNERISMS, ATTITUDES and in doing so, allowing us to see them for who they really are…


Why do you think the “Alphabet Thief” stole the letter R in the verse above?


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