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Blog series – “New Girl on the Writers’ Block” – #Communicardo1 – So you want to be a writer?

Firstly: That’s great! Action comes from intention, and you have every intention of moving towards a creative life based on your own terms.

Secondly: That’s the easy part over with! From now on; whether you’re writing abilities include engaging readers through fiction, non-fiction, synopsis (short and long descriptions), tag-lines, adverts, blog posts, social media content, script-writing and/or html code – it’s not easy.

Many talented writer’s fall from the curb in the sky when results don’t show themselves overnight. You have to be patient and persistent with your writing efforts. banner with text quote from self-help author Shelley Wilson

How not to fall from the curb in the sky – write way writing?

It takes effort, talent and active re-thinking, re-working, re-writing – bending different writing roles to turn the life you envisage for yourself into reality.

Take courage from encouragement – there is no better time to start than now. Technology has made the impossible possible. A writer now has every opportunity to become self-made through self-publishing – no longer does your natural creative mind have to adhere to recent writing trends that big book publishers are only interested in signing; as they search for echoes of voices from yesterday’s success in order to repeat and project into their future authors.

There’s a whole world out there of potential readers for you, if you, choose to go it alone. Research is available to you from the internet – ensuring learning how to become visible as a writer is possible. So what you are waiting for? Do it!

The lure of failure – don’t allow failure to hold you back from succeeding as a writer banner with

I’m a firm believer – how you deal with disappointment shows you for who you really are. Your true character. A failure – whether in love-life, work-life, home-life, can sometimes be the making of you. Use this energy to motivate you forward, not drive you back into past regrets.

Nothing can be gained by dwelling on the past, you’ve lived it once, don’t re-live it again. Instead take responsibility for you; plot and plan how to go about creating a new you – with a better future – a writing future.

Why listen to me, when each experience lived is individual to the writer living it?

When it comes to writing – there is no right or wrong way – there’s just your way! By taking on other people’s rules of writing, it can stunt you own natural rhythm and curb your imagination. Don’t allow it! Instead, make you own rules, break them if necessary if it means you’ll achieve your own personal best. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The experiences I share through this blog series “New Girl On The Writers’ Block” published on, are just that – my experiences. There may or may not suit you. I can only say, I include things I would tell my younger self if given the opportunity when first starting out as a writer – I look forward to reading your comments…

Zizzi x

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