New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo3 – Chris Evans’s remark led to a story

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You have to be on your Metal and go for it when creativity strikes

When Chris Evans returned with TFI Friday in 2015 on Channel 4 – he answered the question of a young lad; who had written into the TV programme asking why a certain pop-star – now designer – no longer wore a smile when her photograph was being taken –

to this, Chris Evans’s explanation was “because she’d used up all her smiles.”

Finding new story ideas – sometimes the unobtainable becomes obtainable

From Chris’s imaginative words of reason – I began penning a fantasy story – “The Girl Who Used Up All Her Smiles” now included in short story and verse collection book, #GirlRogues: Braggadocio.

It just goes to show you have to be on your Metal and go for it when inspiration strikes you as a writer – for there are creative opportunities hidden in casual language…

Have you had a similar experience that led to a story very nearly writing itself?

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