What Zizzi’s reading – an indie-vidual – Dave Griffiths of Barmcake Magazine

 Taking the indie-vidual route

While some people talk – other people do: and the difference between the two is vast. But no-one can say, Dave Griffiths isn’t a doer – he single-handedly writes, edits, publishes and delivers his own independent magazine, Barmcake.

What I'm Reading - Dave Griffiths launching Barmcake mag

What Zizzi’s Reading


Creating self-made opportunities

Sharing with the Writing Magazine, Dave Griffiths marks down his distinctive vision for Barmcake – “Northern entertainment for the middle-aged” – was born out of his 25 years’ experience as a journalist to write articles that aimed to be a cut above other entertainment magazines and websites.


Attention! Keeping the tail on detail…

Feedback – readers of Barmcake have made it known they appreciate well-researched interviews – and Dave genuinely cares about the readers and knows what they want because he is his reader. Instead of dictating what his readers should be reading, he listens, whereas other magazines often report on what has already been reported with little variation.


Definition of a Barmcake – A barm cake is a soft, round, flattish bun from northern England, traditionally leavened with barm. The original barm cake is found in areas of Greater Manchester, North West England. It is also used as a Northern expression for a daft or silly person. Source: wikipedia.


To purchase Barmcake Magazines head over to: barmcakemag.tumblr.com


You have to be in it, to know it – as a fellow Northerner, who, in partnership with my mother, Gwen Hullah set-up a book publishing company: She And The Cat’s Mother – where (like Dave Griffiths) everything is in-house; writing, editing, publishing, graphic/cover design, eBook/paperback formatting and web/social media content – I fully understand that nothing new can come about without change; you must be open minded to learning new methods on the path to print. Zizzi x

Do you have a similar experience – taking the indie-vidual way?

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