New Girl on the Writers’ Block – how a 100 day writing journal can motivate – #Communicardo6

Banner says, have you started a 100 day writing journal?

I was first introduced to the idea of starting a 100 day writing journal after reading Paula Williams’s article in the Writers’ Forum magazine, whereby she wrote about the 100 day journal, the brainchild of Australian businesswoman Julia Bickerstaff (

Now on my 5th 100 day writing journal, I’ve found it to be an exceptional motivator – it may suit you too.

Zizzi’s 3 tips to starting a journal –

  1. Make sure to select a notepad and pen that raises your spirits – mine are always bright and colourful.
  2. Don’t give yourself big targets to complete – this will discourage your writing endeavours – be kind to yourself.
  3. If you’re not the kind of person who likes targets, then record what you have achieved each day – such as – how many words you wrote; if you wrote a new story outline; or an insightful piece of reading you came across that has spurred ideas.

Zizzi Bonah's writing journal day 61

Zizzi’s 3 benefits to starting a writing journal –

  1. After a couple of weeks entering daily – one page per day – you will feel disloyal to yourself if you miss a day; this motivates when you would otherwise decide to have a day off…
  2. Helps to focus your writing ambitions.
  3. When reading back on your 100 days you will be surprised just how much you have achieved – encouragement to begin another 100 days .
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Memo: Julia Bickerstaff says, “some 100 day goalers like to give themselves a reward after every 7 days…”

What would be your first reward to self – when pursuing a 100 day writing journal?

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