Release your creativity and create a book tag-line

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If like me, you came to writing your book tag-line after penning a 80,000+ word novel, it may seem impossible to condense your novel into 30 words or less. But you don’t have to wait until two Sundays stand side by side before the possible becomes available to you.

Here are 5 points that helped me tag-line:

  1. Make it a statement or a question.
  2. One or two sentences – no more.
  3. Think about emotion rather than description.
  4. Set the book’s tone; its theme – (separation, promise, revenge, romance).
  5. Tag-line is the hook-line – does it leave you wanting to know more?


One of the best ways to finding your own rhythm is reading other people’s tag-lines:

  • “In a world of black and white, can their love survive in the shadows?” Shadow Bound, author Rachel Vincent.
  • “She’s back… and she’s dangerous.” She’s Out, author Lynda La Plante.
  • “Not every gift is a blessing.” The Sixth Sense, film.
  • “Love comes with its own betrayal.” A Single Step, author Georgia Rose.
  • “Don’t go into the water.” Jaws, film.
  • “Murder dressed in its Sunday best.” Safe In Killer Hands, author Gwen Hullah.
  • “Every revolution begins with a spark.” The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, film.


My tag-line for novel #Entrangement: Where Colours Don’t Bleed, “He saved her life, only she can save his death!”

Have you written your tag-line yet?

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