How finding your inner “Patsy” is an Ab Fab way to write better fiction!

Read how finding your inner "Patsy" is an Ab Fab way to write better fiction!

Patsy picture from Stylist magazine

New Girl on the Writers’ Block -#Communicardo13 –

Bolly banter –

Patsy has a strong identity: big-hair, fast-living, ready-wit, this she practices every day – as a writer take heart from this – practicing an identity everyday can help craft your writing voice.

Remember: hone the voice; iron out imperfections.

Absolute agelessness –

Patsy doesn’t allow age to hold her back, in fact she can’t locate her birth-date – and in much the same way writers can acquire a freedom from age.

Remember: age doesn’t come into it – all a writer needs is a healthy imagination and self-discipline to script words.

During the cocktail hour –

Patsy keeps an awareness to what’s new – but if it doesn’t suit her, she let’s it go! – So faze out the phase; spare yourself from temporary writing fashionistas unless it benefits you.

Remember: don’t feel obliged to write new literary genres; write your way and allow this to carry you forward.

Have you found your inner “Patsy” is an Ab Fab way to write better fiction?

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