How do you dress for duress in times of hardship?

New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo14

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Hedda Hopper was known for wearing flamboyant hats to draw singular attention to herself. A visual identity, a sartorial signature to affirm her celebrity. But more importantly – self-preservation.

People who are notable for a particular manner of dress are protected in hard times, because their signature outfit represents a lifetime.

A signature outfit says all by itself: Here is who I am, no matter what’s going on right now – any momentary bad spell will disappear quickly. It helps remove the person from reality, like a character in a film or book, so long as they are reasonably successful – then – is the presumption of success about them.

“Happiness is wonderful, but if you have more than 5 consecutive minutes of it, it means you are not thinking.”

Have you chosen a style of clothing for which you will be immediately recognised for? I wrote a particular “dress for duress” for one of my characters in short story: Caught In Amber, from book #GirlRogues: Braggadocio.

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