Puritanical self-punishment – the Yorkshire way

“New Girl on the Writers’ Block” – #Communicardo18

picture of the Brownlee

The Brownlee brothers – Rio 2016

They say you can recognise a Yorshire man by the way he doesn’t suck, he crunches a boiled sweet – he’s generous and not afraid of hard graft – and this was certainly fitting for the Brownlee brothers in Rio 2016, which will be long remembered…

Which brings to mind what seemed like a triathlon myself, (Ida Barker) when gigging in Leeds: The Cockpit, Trash, Carpe Diem… between 2004-2008 – yet sometimes a change is as good as a reply – in my case I chose to reinvent myself from singer/songwriter/guitarist to phantasy author, by entering a new phase and selecting a pen-name, Zizzi Bonah.

picture of Ida Barker

Ida Barker at The Boardwalk, 2008

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