New Girl on the Writers’ Block – forget grip-lit genre; the next 5 writing Graces are?

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Once upon a time the Chick-Lit genre of frivolity, charity sales and school gate debates ruled; now replaced in popularity by its bigger, badder sister: Grip-Lit, with dark, gripping tales of murder and mystery.

So, as more women authors write for women readers whereby, female characters are not only leading story lines, but are often exploring real women’s fantasies instead of simply enduring long-suffering love; or ending up the subsidiary in the shallows – with this in mind, what could be the next Lit genre to catch light?

Below are my suggestions of the next possible 5 Graces in the Lit genre:

  1. Koz-Lit – pertaining to the Universe (Cosmos); with the rising and setting of the sun.
  2. Cent-Lit – pertaining to the 1% rule (Rebellion); 1% outlaws compared to 99% regular citizens.
  3. Seis-Lit – pertaining to Seismic events; emotional or environmental.
  4. Emp-Lit – pertaining to Empiric; one whose knowledge is based on experience.
  5. Qwik-Lit – 200 word stories.


What new Lit genre would you Christen?

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