Release your creativity and create a book tag-line

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New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo9 – Don’t put off what you can put on today –

If like me, you came to writing your book tag-line after penning a 80,000+ word novel, it may seem impossible to condense your novel into 30 words or less. But you don’t have to wait until two Sundays stand side by side before the possible becomes available to you.

Here are 5 points that helped me tag-line:

  1. Make it a statement or a question.
  2. One or two sentences – no more.
  3. Think about emotion rather than description.
  4. Set the book’s tone; its theme – (separation, promise, revenge, romance).
  5. Tag-line is the hook-line – does it leave you wanting to know more?


One of the best ways to finding your own rhythm is reading other people’s tag-lines:

  • “In a world of black and white, can their love survive in the shadows?” Shadow Bound, author Rachel Vincent.
  • “She’s back… and she’s dangerous.” She’s Out, author Lynda La Plante.
  • “Not every gift is a blessing.” The Sixth Sense, film.
  • “Love comes with its own betrayal.” A Single Step, author Georgia Rose.
  • “Don’t go into the water.” Jaws, film.
  • “Murder dressed in its Sunday best.” Safe In Killer Hands, author Gwen Hullah.
  • “Every revolution begins with a spark.” The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, film.


My tag-line for novel #Entrangement: Where Colours Don’t Bleed, “He saved her life, only she can save his death!”

Have you written your tag-line yet?

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New Girl on the Writers’ Block – forget grip-lit genre; the next 5 writing Graces are?

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#Communicardo8 – Crystallizing your Creativity

Once upon a time the Chick-Lit genre of frivolity, charity sales and school gate debates ruled; now replaced in popularity by its bigger, badder sister: Grip-Lit, with dark, gripping tales of murder and mystery.

So, as more women authors write for women readers whereby, female characters are not only leading story lines, but are often exploring real women’s fantasies instead of simply enduring long-suffering love; or ending up the subsidiary in the shallows – with this in mind, what could be the next Lit genre to catch light?

Below are my suggestions of the next possible 5 Graces in the Lit genre:

  1. Koz-Lit – pertaining to the Universe (Cosmos); with the rising and setting of the sun.
  2. Cent-Lit – pertaining to the 1% rule (Rebellion); 1% outlaws compared to 99% regular citizens.
  3. Seis-Lit – pertaining to Seismic events; emotional or environmental.
  4. Emp-Lit – pertaining to Empiric; one whose knowledge is based on experience.
  5. Qwik-Lit – 200 word stories.


What new Lit genre would you Christen?

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New Girl on the Writers’ Block – fantasy fiction book title generator – #Communicardo7

It’s all in a name…

I don’t know about you, but I won’t press pen to paper or fingers to keyboard unless I have a working title in place. And when ideas are running clear cold sometimes we all need a kick start from an alternative voice outside ourselves.

Well, look no further…

Whether you’ve finished re-writing your manuscript or merely interested to know what your family and friends book titles could be within the Fantasy Fiction genre – below is a book title generator I’ve designed after discovering a fabulous blog site by Tara Sparling – ( Tara‘s book title generators include Chick-Lit, Literary, Crime, and Autobiography – (but not fantasy).

fantasy fiction book title generator

Using the Fantasy Fiction book title generator above – here are a few of my family and friends would-be titles:

Rightful Storm of the Wild.

Forgotten Creatures of the Stars.

Uneasy Gift of the Moon.

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So, what would your book title be?

New Girl on the Writers’ Block – how a 100 day writing journal can motivate – #Communicardo6

Banner says, have you started a 100 day writing journal?

I was first introduced to the idea of starting a 100 day writing journal after reading Paula Williams’s article in the Writers’ Forum magazine, whereby she wrote about the 100 day journal, the brainchild of Australian businesswoman Julia Bickerstaff (

Now on my 5th 100 day writing journal, I’ve found it to be an exceptional motivator – it may suit you too.

Zizzi’s 3 tips to starting a journal –

  1. Make sure to select a notepad and pen that raises your spirits – mine are always bright and colourful.
  2. Don’t give yourself big targets to complete – this will discourage your writing endeavours – be kind to yourself.
  3. If you’re not the kind of person who likes targets, then record what you have achieved each day – such as – how many words you wrote; if you wrote a new story outline; or an insightful piece of reading you came across that has spurred ideas.

Zizzi Bonah's writing journal day 61

Zizzi’s 3 benefits to starting a writing journal –

  1. After a couple of weeks entering daily – one page per day – you will feel disloyal to yourself if you miss a day; this motivates when you would otherwise decide to have a day off…
  2. Helps to focus your writing ambitions.
  3. When reading back on your 100 days you will be surprised just how much you have achieved – encouragement to begin another 100 days .
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Memo: Julia Bickerstaff says, “some 100 day goalers like to give themselves a reward after every 7 days…”

What would be your first reward to self – when pursuing a 100 day writing journal?

New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo5 – how Nancy Dell’Olio’s interview with Jan Moir influenced my #GirlRogues writings by Zizzi

Nancy Dell’Olio – a feisty lady who has the power to turn a setback into an opportunity

Nancy Dell'Olio influenced #GirlRogues by Zizzi Bonah

Nancy Dell’Olio picture – Jan Moir picture

Fearless, feisty, feminine females –

When I began writing the collection of short stories and verses for my fantasy fiction book, #GirlRogues: Braggadocio, I purposely set about writing female characters that had resourceful natures – who nurtured a strong desire to turn any encumbrance into a hidden opportunity waiting in plain sight.

Nancy Dell’Olio‘s interview with Jan Moir from The Daily Mail  highlights – to my mind, an intelligent woman who exercises the right to such desires and throws sand in the face of difficult questions in response to her former lover’s autobiography.

Quote Jan Moir on Nancy:

Lesser women might have hidden away. Thrown themselves on the empty double bed and sobbed into their mink coats. Not Nancy Dell’Olio.

Jan Moir goes on to describe Nancy’s Dell’Olio as being  – “a resourceful person with bomb-proof confidence in herself” – something most females would like to aspire to – so with this at the forefront of my writer’s mind, I penned the verse “I’m Not Fond of Him, I’m Fond of Me!”

While I must say, this verse is not strictly about Nancy, it is a celebration towards females who live by their own terms – and Nancy is certainly an inspiring voice – one from whom you can always expected the unexpected.

TITLED: I’m Not Fond of Him, I’m Fond of Me!

I want to be wined. To be dined.

To be adored. To be admired.

To catch the eye of a billionaire,

So I’ll never be poor ever again.


He’ll buy me all the friends I’ll ever need,

So I’ll never be lonely.

And as for the colours of my dreams?

I love diamonds, not daisies.


You see I intend to always travel light.

Love is the last thing on my mind.

For when it comes to passions of the heart,

I’ll fall in like, not in love.


What’s the point of being rich?

If there’s no-one there to share it with.

Half the fun should be spending it.

More to the point someone else’s.


A girl must start as she carries on.

You make your own luck in this world.

Don’t estimate the fuel of her fire.

You might overlook an element of desire.


For my persuasion has always been,

Diamonds, not daisies.

You can’t be wise and in love,

At the same time for it’s impossible.


Yes, I intend to always travel light.

Love is the last thing on my mind.

It only leads to confabulations.

Whereas diamonds never diminish a #GirlRogue.


That’s why I’ll fall in like, not in love.

screenshot - Nancy Dell'olio liked Zizzi Bonah's tweet

Screenshot – Nancy Dell’olio liked Zizzi Bonah’s tweet

To view Jan Moir‘s interview with Nancy Dell’Olio:

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Has an interview influenced your writings?

New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo4 – columnist Jane Moore indirectly inspired my writings

banner showing The Sun columnist Jane Moore

A chance encounter to be counted upon

How Jane Moore, The Sun columnist, indirectly inspired my writings in 2015

Thumbing though the pages of The Sun newspaper in early 2015 I came across Jane Moore’s column – wherein she had written, there are only three “stages” for female actresses to play:
district attorney,
and Driving Miss Daisy –
Whereupon, I was told, by the newsagent – while unofficially browsing – “if you’re not careful, you’ll read the print off the page” –
His remark inspired me to write the first in a fantasy collection of stories within #GirlRogues: Braggadocio, titled: “You’ll Notice Me, Cos I’m Not Dressed As A Playing Card” – telling the story of two sisters who roam the boundaries of the page, found. Though their bond reveals a hidden truth in plain sight.

Have you found writing inspiration from a chance encounter – later to be counted upon?

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New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo3 – Chris Evans’s remark led to a story

banner of presenter Chris Evans

You have to be on your Metal and go for it when creativity strikes

When Chris Evans returned with TFI Friday in 2015 on Channel 4 – he answered the question of a young lad; who had written into the TV programme asking why a certain pop-star – now designer – no longer wore a smile when her photograph was being taken –

to this, Chris Evans’s explanation was “because she’d used up all her smiles.”

Finding new story ideas – sometimes the unobtainable becomes obtainable

From Chris’s imaginative words of reason – I began penning a fantasy story – “The Girl Who Used Up All Her Smiles” now included in short story and verse collection book, #GirlRogues: Braggadocio.

It just goes to show you have to be on your Metal and go for it when inspiration strikes you as a writer – for there are creative opportunities hidden in casual language…

Have you had a similar experience that led to a story very nearly writing itself?

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banner showing actresses Nicole da Silva and Tuppence Middleton who inspired book #Entrangement

@nicdasilva @tuppence – sheros who exert the power of choice – “New Girl on the Writers’ Block” – #Communicardo2

Two actresses who coloured my writings of fictional heroine Salt Delray in the novel #Entrangement Where Colours Don’t Bleed, were Nicole da Silva and Tuppence Middleton.

In the first 16 pages the reader learns how the character of Salt must exert the power of choice and risk everything to save her lover’s death – following these opening scenes – laying down the foundations – the story starts once Salt escapes imprisonment and enters a hidden underworld – which soon turns into a very different, terrifying reality…

Lethally Lovely –

Without taking inspiration from both actresses Nicole da Silva and Tuppence Middleton; who have played lovely but lethal heroines, #Entrangement would undoubtedly have had a very different beginning. For as every writer knows, in the creation of characters – they must reveal themselves as people do – through appearance, voice, mannerisms and subtle behaviours and attitudes before we, the reader, can see them for who they really are.

Indelible Sheros –

From Nicole da Silva’s depiction of Franky in the series Wentworth, I was able to draw upon the mind-set that “difficult doesn’t mean impossible” for my heroine, Salt. Nicole portrays a woman who, when all would appear to be against her, can and will seek an alternative with formidable creativity. A heroine to be reckoned with, not against.

While viewing actress, Tuppence Middleton in The Lady Vanishes – showing both vulnerability and determination against falsehoods, I wrote the opening page to the novel #Entrangement – which remains as true as the day I first wrote it:

Opening extract:

#Salt – Sensing I am alone now, I open my eyes and confirm there is nothing between myself and the flickering source of candle light, only the book – I reach down and take its edge.

Moments ago, a prison guard hurled the book into my cell – taunting words followed – according to common wisdom it’s unlucky for a prisoner to read their own book of life. The truth is – I am my own woman, and anyone who claims I am not, professes to know a different me!

I lower the book, letting the candlelight shine onto it. The title reads: Prisoner Of The Past: Salt Delray. I open it, but am bedazzled by dancing light and shadows. Only a stir of knowing reaches up from the pages; and I’m transfixed, seemingly recognising the outline of words. The book becomes heavier in my hands as new pages and chapters are added to the volume – it appears to be writing itself.

I take the candle and move it close to the book. The hot wax drips onto the pages, the liquid runs, spelling out words as it presses and cools to congeal. It has written: If you sit very still, you can hear the sun move. The meaning doesn’t resonate to me. Then I gasp, sighting a kiss from the flame to the book’s corner. Instantly my fingers fly to knockback the fire, but the book has already changed into charred paper, unravelling wisps drift upwards and out through my prison cell window, towards the setting sola sun.

Turning my face to the wall, despair escapes me which isn’t silent. I only hope my instincts aren’t as close as far away. For I have read of a time and a place yet to be lived – the future. If I’m right, and this isn’t a cruel deception, then my life will continue.

But if I’m wrong?

The cell door bangs open. I wheel round. A prison guard rasps, “It’s time!”

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New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo1


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Blog series – “New Girl on the Writers’ Block” – #Communicardo1 – So you want to be a writer?

Firstly: That’s great! Action comes from intention, and you have every intention of moving towards a creative life based on your own terms.

Secondly: That’s the easy part over with! From now on; whether you’re writing abilities include engaging readers through fiction, non-fiction, synopsis (short and long descriptions), tag-lines, adverts, blog posts, social media content, script-writing and/or html code – it’s not easy.

Many talented writer’s fall from the curb in the sky when results don’t show themselves overnight. You have to be patient and persistent with your writing efforts. banner with text quote from self-help author Shelley Wilson

How not to fall from the curb in the sky – write way writing?

It takes effort, talent and active re-thinking, re-working, re-writing – bending different writing roles to turn the life you envisage for yourself into reality.

Take courage from encouragement – there is no better time to start than now. Technology has made the impossible possible. A writer now has every opportunity to become self-made through self-publishing – no longer does your natural creative mind have to adhere to recent writing trends that big book publishers are only interested in signing; as they search for echoes of voices from yesterday’s success in order to repeat and project into their future authors.

There’s a whole world out there of potential readers for you, if you, choose to go it alone. Research is available to you from the internet – ensuring learning how to become visible as a writer is possible. So what you are waiting for? Do it!

The lure of failure – don’t allow failure to hold you back from succeeding as a writer banner with

I’m a firm believer – how you deal with disappointment shows you for who you really are. Your true character. A failure – whether in love-life, work-life, home-life, can sometimes be the making of you. Use this energy to motivate you forward, not drive you back into past regrets.

Nothing can be gained by dwelling on the past, you’ve lived it once, don’t re-live it again. Instead take responsibility for you; plot and plan how to go about creating a new you – with a better future – a writing future.

Why listen to me, when each experience lived is individual to the writer living it?

When it comes to writing – there is no right or wrong way – there’s just your way! By taking on other people’s rules of writing, it can stunt you own natural rhythm and curb your imagination. Don’t allow it! Instead, make you own rules, break them if necessary if it means you’ll achieve your own personal best. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The experiences I share through this blog series “New Girl On The Writers’ Block” published on, are just that – my experiences. There may or may not suit you. I can only say, I include things I would tell my younger self if given the opportunity when first starting out as a writer – I look forward to reading your comments…

Zizzi x