Video extract from novel: Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass

“For children of all ages”


A story where every goodbye isn’t gone and every eye closed isn’t sleep, Alice falls into her own story, at the cost of seeking the answer to Looking-glass question; much to the rage of infamous book reviewer, Paige Turner who threatens to jeopardise Alice’s writing career in Authorland.

Hoodlemania descends, and together Alice and her predatory blonde alter-ego, Miss Penopause walk the Critical Path to set forerunning hazards and high-jinks in motion in a bid to make Paige Turner eat her words and silence the damning book review before publication – but at what cost? For as Alice learns; it is far easier to get forgiveness than it is permission to get Paige Turner!

> Novel: 23 March 2017 (ebook and paperback)

> Audio book: released autumn 2017

> Screenplay: 23 March 2017 (ebook and paperback)

> Stageplay: 20 April 2017 (ebook and paperback)

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Gold picture frame with image of audiobook, Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass, author Zizzi Bonah; songs by Ida Barker


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Author and narrator: Zizzi Bonah; music and lyrics by Ida Barker; all characters in this story are the creation of Zizzi Bonah (with exception of Alice, who was created by Lewis Carroll)

Puritanical self-punishment – the Yorkshire way

“New Girl on the Writers’ Block” – #Communicardo18

picture of the Brownlee

The Brownlee brothers – Rio 2016

They say you can recognise a Yorshire man by the way he doesn’t suck, he crunches a boiled sweet – he’s generous and not afraid of hard graft – and this was certainly fitting for the Brownlee brothers in Rio 2016, which will be long remembered…

Which brings to mind what seemed like a triathlon myself, (Ida Barker) when gigging in Leeds: The Cockpit, Trash, Carpe Diem… between 2004-2008 – yet sometimes a change is as good as a reply – in my case I chose to reinvent myself from singer/songwriter/guitarist to phantasy author, by entering a new phase and selecting a pen-name, Zizzi Bonah.

picture of Ida Barker

Ida Barker at The Boardwalk, 2008

Bear-faced – how to increase your chances to write daily …

New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo16 –

picture of a bear

picture from

There is a saying; “if eating alfresco with friends and savaged by a hungry bear, all you need to do to survive is outrun one of your friends, not the bear.”

Which made me think …

How can we create better chances to write daily?

There is a general guide by many writers that between 1,000 – 2,000 words should be written daily. How realistic is this? Noting, when we fall behind, we are often discouraged to write tomorrow…

I find it’s better to set a lower word count, one that is far easier to reach and often surpassed – generating enthusiasm to write daily – whether it be 50, 100, 200 words.

Remember: you don’t need to outrun the bear.

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Pen-Olympics – how the write practice can create gold…

picture by bbc

BBC image

New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo15 –

Viewing Rio 2016 Olympics it came clear to me – “most of the game is played away from the ball” – in other words four years of preparation, training and commitment is necessary for just a few days of the game.

And with regards to fictional characters we writers create – the game is also played away from the ball; for when we write dramatic moments for our fictional characters, we show the characters for who they are, through their responses to often eruptive events. But let’s not underestimate the more quieter moments that occur more regularly, like in real-life, can be just as powerful, whereby we judge characters away from the ball.

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How do you dress for duress in times of hardship?

New Girl on the Writers’ Block – #Communicardo14

How to dress for duress banner

Hedda Hopper was known for wearing flamboyant hats to draw singular attention to herself. A visual identity, a sartorial signature to affirm her celebrity. But more importantly – self-preservation.

People who are notable for a particular manner of dress are protected in hard times, because their signature outfit represents a lifetime.

A signature outfit says all by itself: Here is who I am, no matter what’s going on right now – any momentary bad spell will disappear quickly. It helps remove the person from reality, like a character in a film or book, so long as they are reasonably successful – then – is the presumption of success about them.

“Happiness is wonderful, but if you have more than 5 consecutive minutes of it, it means you are not thinking.”

Have you chosen a style of clothing for which you will be immediately recognised for? I wrote a particular “dress for duress” for one of my characters in short story: Caught In Amber, from book #GirlRogues: Braggadocio.

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How finding your inner “Patsy” is an Ab Fab way to write better fiction!

Read how finding your inner "Patsy" is an Ab Fab way to write better fiction!

Patsy picture from Stylist magazine

New Girl on the Writers’ Block -#Communicardo13 –

Bolly banter –

Patsy has a strong identity: big-hair, fast-living, ready-wit, this she practices every day – as a writer take heart from this – practicing an identity everyday can help craft your writing voice.

Remember: hone the voice; iron out imperfections.

Absolute agelessness –

Patsy doesn’t allow age to hold her back, in fact she can’t locate her birth-date – and in much the same way writers can acquire a freedom from age.

Remember: age doesn’t come into it – all a writer needs is a healthy imagination and self-discipline to script words.

During the cocktail hour –

Patsy keeps an awareness to what’s new – but if it doesn’t suit her, she let’s it go! – So faze out the phase; spare yourself from temporary writing fashionistas unless it benefits you.

Remember: don’t feel obliged to write new literary genres; write your way and allow this to carry you forward.

Have you found your inner “Patsy” is an Ab Fab way to write better fiction?

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Are you promoting yourself on Amazon Author Central?


A place where Amazon authors and their readers connect…

If you are a US / UK author of any book listed within Amazon’s catalogue you are eligible to sign up by logging on – (using your existing Amazon account) – to their Author Central network via and

screenshot of Zizzi's

Amazon guides you through the set up process – and following account confirmation the benefits include:

  • Adding your books to your bibliography
  • Submitting your author biography
  • Posting author pictures – (most recent always shows first)
  • You can even add video and twitter feeds …

I’ve just joined up, have you?

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The glass question and how to guard against losing creative ideas


banner: the glass question by zizzi bonah

You overhear a phrase or an observation that you just know will fit seamlessly into your creative writing – the glass question is: will you remember it by the time you reach your manuscript?

Often the answer is no… Solution: don’t leave home without notepad and pen!

Author Jilly Cooper famously would take pen and paper to all her dinner parties and events, writing down the audible, lord-able gems from her guests’ conversations. Amazingly her guests never took offense, in fact they played up to these occasions, then waited impatiently for her next book in the hope they would recognise themselves amongst her carefully crafted characters.

Take note, guard against the glass question.

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Authors: misspellings in TV subtitles can lead to story ideas

#Communicardo10 – the zizziology wayBanner - how subtitle misspellings on TV can lead to story ideas by Zizzi Bonah

In September of 2015, Ross King was being interviewed on ITV1’s This Morning programme about his second book of fiction: Breaking Hollywood. His first book being: Taking Hollywood – he joked his third would be called Baking Hollywood – Killed by a Croissant; however the TV subtitles spelt out: Killed by a Question.

Tip: Misspelling of subtitles can lead to writing ideas – one of the upcoming chapters in my new book is named after this TV misspelling.

Have you turned a blunder into a writing opportunity?

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